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  • Are there any Perks/Discounts for Teachers?
    Yes, we offer a Teacher's brick of ChordCards (12 count) at a discounted price, serving as the perfect tool for a hands-on learning experience for both educators and students, as well as a great opportunity to advertise your class for independent music teachers out there! The Teacher's brick contains [12] ChordCard Decks with a custom deck option. We provide a custom service for our ChordCards to supply you with a unique and personalized tool for your students. Example: Your school's name, logo/website, and/or social media information, complete with QR code option. Disclaimer: We reserve the right to: -Display our trademark and logo on all customized decks/cards and planetary ChordCard items and products. -Refuse service to any provided links/images/videos, and any other media, etc., that portray harmful and explicit content."
  • I'm left handed, do you have a Deck for me?
    Absolutely! We have lefty flip decks for the South-pawed songsters out there.
  • How long will it take to ship my order?
    Orders for premade ChordCards are processed and shipped out the next business day.
  • Domestic and International Shipping?
    Rest assured, we offer both domestic and international shipping. Different shipping prices will apply depending on the location, and these will be calculated at the point of checkout.


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