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Back in 2015...

     The genesis of ChordCards stems from a genuine moment of sibling bonding and ingenuity, rather than a tale of happenstance. As I diligently practiced the guitar, my 4-year-old brother at the time, ever the curious observer, would mimic my actions with his trusty ukulele in hand

     Yet, teaching him the intricacies of musical chords proved challenging. His little fingers struggled to find their place on the strings, and traditional methods of instruction often left him disinterested and frustrated. It was during one of these teaching sessions that a simple, yet profound, revelation occurred.

     In a moment of childlike experimentation, my brother slid an old playing card between the strings of his ukulele, his eyes gleaming with curiosity. Sensing an opportunity, I seized the moment and transformed that ordinary card into a tool of musical discovery. With makeshift strings drawn on its surface and little pieces of duct tape denoting finger placements, the ChordCard was born!

Original chordcard_Card

     To our amazement, the ChordCard proved to be a game-changer. Suddenly, my brother's understanding of chords blossomed, and he began to practice with newfound understanding and ease. This firsthand experience inspired us to share our discovery with others, leading to the creation of ChordCards – a practical and innovative alternative for aspiring musicians of all ages.


     Our journey took an exciting turn when we launched the project on Kickstarter. Surpassing our expectations, the overwhelming support propelled us forward, igniting our passion for bringing our creation to life.

Kickstarter_Backed Logo

     Years later, as our venture flourished, we transitioned ChordCards into an official LLC and relocated our headquarters from Los Angeles, California, to Fairmount, Indiana. This move allowed us to expand our reach and better serve our growing community of music enthusiasts.

     Today, as we reflect on our journey from humble beginnings to an exciting business, we remain grounded in the belief that genuine moments of inspiration can lead to remarkable outcomes. With ChordCards, we invite you to join us on a journey of musical discovery, where creativity, perseverance, and a touch of brotherly camaraderie pave the way to harmonious melodies and endless possibilities.

     Additionally, at the end of the day, when we're not working on ChordCards, there's nothing like taking a break and playing a simple game on a classic deck of playing cards with your best friend.

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